About the From the Heart Fund

The From the Heart Fund for Matagorda County seeks to support families and schools within the County as they recover from the material and emotional devastation wreaked by Hurricane Harvey. 

The From the Heart Fund will: 

  • provide support for trauma-informed mental health services to children in all of Matagorda County’s schools and trauma-informed education for County families.
  • collect and distribute emergency funds to individual families in Matagorda County who need economic support as they rebuild their lives and homes.

Participating School Districts

The Bay City, Palacios, Tidehaven, Van Vleck, and Matagorda Independent School Districts are participating in this campaign.  Their teachers and counselors will be trained in recognizing children whose behaviors and mental health have been affected by the trauma of mandatory evacuation and disruption of their lives, and school counselors will be more intensively trained in delivering trauma-informed counseling and support. We also will conduct free family counseling programs for families seeking social/emotional support as they recover from the storm and its effects.


nominate a family in need

In addition, we are seeking families who need emergency financial support as they rebuild their lives and homes.  A recipient family must live in Matagorda County and demonstrate financial need. If you have a family that might need this support, please complete the form on this website.  Nominees for receipt of funds will be screened and interviewed by a member of the From the Heart Fund Steering Committee, and the Board of Directors will select families to receive funds.

Bay City High School

The families and children of Matagorda County need us at this difficult time.  We ask that you give from your heart. Donate today.